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9 Lives: Tales from the Cat Show - Anicia's Story (2018)

This 4 minute short film takes a look inside the life of an autistic young lady whose life has been transformed by going to cat shows.

To request to view this film online, please send me an email at

To see this film at a theater near you in 2020, check out the NY Cat Film Festival's program which will be touring the United States when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Australia Was My Home (2018) 

Australia Was My Home is a 35 minute personal documentary that investigates the details of my father’s suicide. I traveled back to Australia with my family for the first time in 23 years to reconnect with our past. The story is told collaboratively from the perspectives of those who were close to him. Themes of the film include suicide, mental illness, family conflict, and self-discovery.